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Emotional First-Aid for Kids, with Deborah Miller, PhD.

Trauma doesn’t have to be huge to be impactful, but if not treated right or well, the event and aftermath, and ideas and beliefs around the incident can define the rest of a person’s life.

Posted 09/15/2021 01:26 AM

Deborah Miller: Great Results with EFT for Kids with Cancer Part Three

What will Deborah do now, after she has been given $10K to help give Tappy Bear to the kids? Listen in as she descibes how she is working on a special program to help kids, parents and practitioners, and what that will involve. If you’re an EFTer, you may want to perk your ears up on this one….

Posted 06/11/2010 08:40 PM

Deborah Miller: Great Results with EFT for Kids with Cancer Part Two

During Deborah’s work, she sometimes uncovers beliefs kids have that they ‘should’ die because they believe it will help a sibling live, or cause less stress in the family…see what she does to alleviate and resolve those beliefs, and what happens wen she does.

Posted 06/11/2010 08:33 PM

Deborah Miller: Great REsults with EFT for Kids with Cancer Part One

Listen in as Deborah Miller, who started the Oaxaca Project, tells us about her thrilling work with kids with cancer – how it affects and heals their parent, friends and siblings. Very inspirational!

Posted 06/11/2010 06:26 PM