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Nathalie Kelly: How to Find Your Way Again After A Monster Traumatic Brain Injury

Nathalie Kelly, the TBI (traumatic brain injury) coach’s life changed in one afternoon – find out how her extreme pain and challenged abilities have given her a completely different, deeper view of life. She now helps others with brain injuries.

Posted 04/12/2016 01:54 AM

Dr. Stephen West: Part I

Dr. Stephen West contacted me to see if we could create an interview that would help people take hope and find out more about his life-changing process. I have to admit that I’ve interviewed so many doctors who think their process is the be-all, end-all of life-changers that I was pretty skeptical – at first.

Posted 03/30/2012 06:57 PM

Dr. Stephen West: Part II

When Dr. West started telling me about how he gets 100% results, how he’s helped people come back to life – literally – and help people completely clear from AIDS, I had to eat my skepticism.

Posted 03/30/2012 06:45 PM

Dr. Stephen West: Part III

When Dr. West explained the simple thing that happens to us if we get shocked or traumatized, I wa hooked. And not just emotional shock, either – listen to this shorty clip about what a poison really is, and what it does – and how our personal products are saturated with these poisons – and what to

Posted 03/30/2012 06:36 PM

Dr. Eric Pearl, The Reconnection

Dr. Eric Pearl, a practicing chiropractor, was awakened one night by the lamp on his bedside table going on all by itself. He discovered how to heal with energy w/o even touching anyone. He now teaches how you can do that, too. Listen in as he describes how that knowledge of healing came to him right out of the blue, and how he didn’t even believe it, humself.

“When we connect with this energy, there’s an optimal regeneration – a reorganization of tissue outside the illusion of time and space,” he explains.

Posted 03/05/2012 01:33 PM


DARING DREAMERS Part 4: what success will she create this year and how? 4 segments: in one of them is a demo EFT session about money. Tapping chart at EFTBooks.com/tap.html

Posted 10/11/2007 03:33 PM


DARING DREAMERS: who does EFT Master, Lindsay Kenny admire, and why? 4 segments: in one of them is a demo EFT session about money.

Posted 10/11/2007 02:58 PM


PART 2: EFT Master Lindsay Kenny: find out what it took to make the jump.

Posted 10/11/2007 02:47 PM