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Pamela Wilson: Branding, Ebooks & Websites for Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

Pamela Wilson, today’s guest on Daring Dreamers Radio, is an ace graphic designer and marketing expert. She helps entrepreneurs and small biz owners transform their marketing materials from blah to blast-off.

Posted 03/17/2014 06:00 AM

Train Your Brain: Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler

Dr. Jill takes brain wave science and shows you how to use her practical every day applications to train your brain – just like any other muscle – so you can relieve stress and create calm, peace, inspiration and creativity beyond what you even dream about – I’m all over it!

Posted 12/22/2011 09:21 PM

1. Steve Ryals: Drunk with Wonder!

Steve Ryals is one of many of us who flipped through the ‘summer of love’ in 1967 San Francisco—then came work and marriage. Through it all, he had a gnawing sense of depression, alienation, and loneliness, which he tried to cover up with massive substance abuse. Find out what happened when he….

Posted 03/27/2008 09:41 PM

2. Steve Ryals: Drunk with Wonder!

You’ll walk with him as he dives off his “cliff of fear” to find deeper and more satisfying emotional and spiritual authenticity than he ever knew was possible. Steve talks about the courage and willingness it takes to stand in his own truth. How he discerns what’s true or not for himself….

Posted 03/27/2008 09:38 PM

3. Steve Ryals: Drunk with Wonder!

Find out about what Challenge Day is, what a “Lohasian” is, and why he thinks we are the Heroes of today. Find out, too, why Steve’s One Daring Thing for the next year – and more – is waking up eah day with his heart broken open into intoxication with love, passion and tenderness.

Find out more

Posted 03/27/2008 09:34 PM

1. Dr. Patricia Carrington Does It Again

Dr. Patricia Carrington, EFT Master, talks about how she got through a terrible betrayal, and how it resulted in a better product than she had started off creating. Find out the one thought she had that kept her going, even though starting all over from scratch.

Posted 02/26/2008 11:02 PM

2. Dr. Patricia Carrington Does It Again

How did Dr. Pat pull out of near bankruptcy after this terrible betrayal? Why does she say don’t ever give up? How did she get past almost drowning?

Posted 02/26/2008 11:00 PM

3. Dr. Patricia Carrington Does It Again

What keeps Dr. Pat going when she knows she’s “doing the right thing,” even if it looks like everyone is against her flow? (We refer to Gary Craig, who is Founder of EFT, and Dr. Carol Look, also an EFT Master – find both at EFTBooks.com).

Posted 02/26/2008 10:57 PM