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Can People Find You Amidst the Marketplace Chaos?

TAKE YOUR BIZ TO THE NEXT LEVEL: I interviewed Samantha Hartley, Branding Expert, so I could get more info on branding for you, in case you’re at the point where you’re ready to take your business to the next level. There are more and more people entering the business domain, so you need to be able to differentiate yourself in order for people to find you.

Posted 09/04/2009 10:57 PM

Are You Invisble in the Marketplace? The Branding Action Group will Save Your Pretty Butt!

WHAT MAKES YOU STAND OUT? Do you think having a brand identity that allows people to find you in the chaos will help you sail through economic down-times more easily? Yes—you’re right, it will, because those who need you and can afford you will find you and hire you. Brand expert Samantha Hartley s

Posted 09/04/2009 09:52 PM

Samantha Hartley, Branding Expert

Samantha (enlightenedmarketing.com) shares lots of hints and tips that can help you consolidate your thoughts and ideas about getting your brand created.

Posted 06/12/2008 10:11 PM