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Q What Daring Thing will you do by the end of the year to boost your success level?

I’ve been a professional artist for over 50 years: painting, sculpture, design, illustration, writing and publishing. I train entrepreneurs to get the word out about their passionate work by becoming that radio show guest hosts invite back time and time again.

I’m also a Mindset Mastery Trainer, helping you get happier, make more money and feel like you’re doing your life Right.


Angela Treat Lyon teaches EFT, the Emotional Freedom Techniques, is an Avatar Master, is certified in Reiki, HUNA, and other alternative methods and modalities. She also teaches how to write your book right, more easily and more rapidly. (see WritePublishNow.com). Angela facilitates trainings internationally and in the US. She is owner, producer, and radio show host of Daring Dreamers Radio at IDareYouRadio.com.


Angela Treat Lyon

Angela Treat Lyon: host and producer of The Daring Dreamers Showcase; executive coach, visionary, strategic mentor for success; author; and accomplished painter and sculptor.