MILANA LESHINSKY: The Magic of Group Coaching

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After researching and trying dozens of different platforms, Milana Leshinsky could not find anything that would allow her to easily deliver group coaching programs. Either they weren’t designed for coaches, or you had to duct tape a bunch of tools together, making it too complex and time-consuming.

So, she created CoachingGenie, an easy-to-use coaching software with a 20-minute learning curve that gives you an all-in-one dashboard for delivering your programs, managing your coaching content, and communicating with clients.

Listen in as she describes CoachingGenie and how to use it. If you’re a coach or teacher, you will definitely want to know about it. I bring it to you here because as a coach, myself, I know how hard it is to find anything similar -there just ISn’t anything like it.

By Angela Treat Lyon 02/18/2023 06:25 PM

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