Rebecca Marina Messenger: How to Be A Psychic Reader

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My good buddy, Rebecca Marina Messenger, is launching her How to Be A Psychic Reader Course this week. I’ve known Rebecca for almost 14 years, and have been in her classes and courses, and if I were allowed only one word with which I’d have to describe her classes, it would have to be Unique.

Did you know there are several various types of channeling? And that there are various ways you can use Psychic Reading for not just others but for yourself? And if you should be so inclined, you can make a pretty darn good living at it.

You’ll be interested to hear what she says to the age-old statement people throw at healers: “Well, you were given a gift from god to do this work, you should do it for free!” And we speak about Sacred Sex….

By Angela Treat Lyon 11/04/2014 11:04 PM

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