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1. Dr. Joe Rubino - Mr. Self-Esteem!

How did Dr. Joe shift from shy to powerful? His declartion, decision, inspiration is so inspiring! Are you living big? Are you Talking your Walk so people will know what you’re doing? Find out how Joe did it! Playing small no longer serves you! Challenge yourself!

Posted 12/20/2007 07:22 PM

2. Dr. Joe Rubino - Mr. Self-Esteem!

Dr. Joe Rubino used to be “resigned to the fact that a dentist was all he was going to be.” He developed the courage to give that viewpoint up and barged forward to overcome his shyness and inability to “be out there.”

Posted 12/20/2007 06:47 PM

3. Dr. Joe Rubino - Mr. Self-Esteem!

Joe has developed effective systems through which he guides you to more courage, more calm, more solid sense of who we are and our place in the world. More: http://www.IDareYouRadio.com/joevision.html

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SEGMENT 9: THE BIG BUGABOOSTRESS! What for each blood type? Why should type AB avoid caffeine? Which type are the quiet martial arts good for? Which type is great with daily stuff but falls apart with the “Biggies” & which one does the exact opposite? Which should stay away from Chinese herbs?

Posted 11/28/2007 05:22 PM

9 Secrets to Vibrant Health: Part 8

SEGMENT 8: WHY DO ENZYMES HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT? What enzymes are best for you? How do enzymes help you battle the bulge? Dr. Patricia Felici, who specializes in Clinical Nutrion and Live Blood Cell Analysis, helps you find and stay on your unique path to optimal health.

Posted 11/13/2007 11:02 PM

Lisa Nichols - The Secret

Part One: What Daring thing did Lisa have to do before she could get herself on the path to success? Listen in as she reveals stories she never told anywhere else!

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SEGMENT 7: WHAT EXERCISE IS BEST FOR EACH BLOOD TYPE? Did you know that there are personality traits for each blood type, and that they affect the kinds of exercises you like? New Sun Health: call 800-544-0777 – mention my name, Angela Treat Lyon, to get the wholesale prices.

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4. Carolyn Buttram

SEGMENT 4: What is Carolyn’s challenge? Do you remember what the Happy Train is? Are you on it?

Find this upbeat, hilariously and completely enjoyable light-being at Carolyn Buttram.com and IDareYouRadio.com.

Posted 10/31/2007 11:22 PM