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Lisa Nichols: The Secret Movie, Chicken Soup for the Soul....

Lisa had a hard family situation, a fiancé who almost beat her to a pulp, no self-esteem, a job she hated…until she decided it would be her ticket to be able to create and live her Dream and her Passion…Now she’s an author…and she has even been ambassador to South Africa….

Posted 02/21/2012 06:48 PM

3. Lisa Nichols on The Magic Elevator Show!

Part 3: what happened when she declared she was ready for a special relationship, and how her request was answered almost immediately, and why she meets the most amazing people on the planet! Find out more about the incredible work Lisa does with teens at Lisa-Nichols.com.

Posted 11/21/2007 09:29 PM

2. Lisa Nichols on The Magic Elevator Show!

Part 2: how the Universe wants you to play BIG and why, what happens when Fear meets Determination, and what eveolves out of that; check out CEOSpace.com, how she got her day-job to be her first investor and how to ask mentors for Big Outrageous Requests…

Posted 11/21/2007 09:25 PM

1. Lisa Nichols on The Magic Elevator Show!

I’m so grateful and delighted to be able to say I was able to interview Lisa Nichols again! Find out how Lisa handles resistance and “negative” thinking, what she thinks of as the “coming from” space, and how her grandmother’s one little sentence compelled her to get over shyness and start speaking.

Posted 11/21/2007 09:13 PM

Lisa Nichols - The Secret

Part One: What Daring thing did Lisa have to do before she could get herself on the path to success? Listen in as she reveals stories she never told anywhere else!

Posted 11/06/2007 08:29 PM