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Rebecca Marina Messenger: How to Be A Psychic Reader

Did you know there are several various types of channeling? And that there are various ways you can use Psychic Reading for not just others but for yourself? And if you should be so inclined, you can make a pretty darn good living at it.

Posted 11/04/2014 11:04 PM

Roberta Grimes: "The Fun of Dying" Messages from the Afterlife

Prepare to be stunned. At 8 years old, Roberta had a surprise visit from an emissary of the Light, leading her to a fascination with what happens at and after death. I wouldn’t have believed it but for her sincerity and immense expertise. Warning: You won’t like this if you’re a rigid Christian.

Posted 10/31/2014 03:40 AM

Cynthia Segal: the Red Phone to God

After years of resolving emergency computer glitches for Fortune 100 companies, one afternoon Cynthia was deluged with a massive download of psychic skills. Find out how she lost the support of all her family and friends, but created an amazing life; her Psychic mentoring; and her FREEBIE!

Posted 10/23/2014 08:47 PM

Ridgley Goldsborough: Why Should You Know Your Why?

Find out what knowing your Why is all about; how you can find your Why – for yourself and for your business; and; how you can use your WHY to build an inspired organization—a WHY-focused organization, because your WHY can drive the culture of your company – and even how to become a Why Coach!

Posted 10/17/2014 12:41 AM

Dianne Collins, Author of Do You Quantum Think? PT 1

How does being who you are affect everyone around you, and why? What is the difference between a mechanistic world view and a quantum world view, and why is that critical to awakening? Why couldn’t we even think about quantum leaps until 1927?

Posted 09/18/2014 09:53 PM

Dianne Collins, Author of Do You Quantum Think? PT 2

What stops us from thinking from a place of infinite possibility? What are ‘least-action pathways,’ and how can they limit us? What if there’s nothing wrong with us? No matter what a circumstance is, what is something you can do to transcend it? Do thoughts visit, or are they self-originated?

Posted 09/18/2014 09:06 PM

Dianne Collins, Author of Do You Quantum Think? PT 3

How do intent, intuition, subtle energy resonance and meditation fit together? What IS awakened consciousness? How do we get past either/or and get to both/and? What does Dark matter have to do with awakening? Why is listening from ‘not-knowing’ the crux of fresh, dynamic relationships?

Posted 09/18/2014 08:52 PM

Dianne Collins, Author of Do You Quantum Think? PT 4

What does the ‘non-local mind’ have to do with things, and how do you access it? What is the Cosmic Pulse? Why is it hard to have a job and live your dream, too? How do you take a Quantum Leap and change your money reality? If you can’t change thoughts, what can you change?

Posted 09/18/2014 08:43 PM