For Coaches: How to Set Your Packages & Fees so You Don't Flub Client Discovery Sessions

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I hear coaches say, “I get to the end of delivering a great Discovery Session and my clients-to-be ask about working more with me … and I don’t know what to say, and they don’t sign up!” I was asked to help with the money part of signing people up after your Discovery Sessions. This will help you.

Do the Discovery correctly – I bet NO one taught you these 5 Steps the way I do! This training is worth pure gold – http://www.eftbooks.com/?p=1906

Learn how to set up your services and your fees so your Discovery people will ask YOU about your programs and packages, and you will feel totally comfortable talking about them. http://www.eftbooks.com/?p=1967

By Angela Treat Lyon 04/05/2014 02:38 AM

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